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WTB - Heuer Carrera or earlier Chrono

  1. Junks499

    Junks499 Aug 19, 2016

    Hello All

    I am new here and have enjoyed the education.

    I have been a Grand Carrera guy for a almost a decade and I want to see if I can locate one or two special vintage Carrera's or earlier Heuer Chrono. Love the color combo and the blk/white contrasting dials.

    Please shoot me a message if you have anything you would gracious enough to share.

  2. WatcherOne

    WatcherOne Aug 25, 2016

    Hi, Jay, and welcome to calibre11 (ok, confession: newbie here myself).
    Congrats on some great taste in watches!
    I have a local guy trying to sell me a

    TAG Heuer CE 1122 chronograph for 900 USD. He tells me it is a fairly limited model from around 1994 ish, has some history with a F1 driver Gerhard Berger (but the one up for sale is not signed) and is unusual b/c it is one of the only analog/digital 1/100th second chronographs made at the time, etc.

    Don't know myself if it is worth what he is asking, nor am I too enamored with that much goldenness ;-) But if you know, or if you want me to hook you up b/c you are interested, I can.

    P.S. The Garhard Berger connection:
    Still doesn't tell me if it's worth it. I know less about this than most of the people here...