1. Nocam

    Nocam Mar 13, 2019

    Hey everyone, new to the forum and the world of TAG. I've got a WK1120 quartz in pretty good condition on the way and am planning to give it a good overhaul as I assume most of the degradable parts are on their way out.

    Here's the plan:
    new case back gasket
    new crystal
    new crystal gasket
    new crown and tube
    new movement
    new bezel click spring
    new bezel retaining ring

    I've gotten as far as I believe I can referencing some sites to get part numbers but most of the listings or sites don't post the measurements of the parts. I don't think I would need to go OEM for the parts save for maybe the crown and tube. Would anyone be able to assist? In particular I need the following:

    caseback gasket: I/D, O/D, thickness
    crystal: O/D, thickness
    crystal gasket: I/D, O/D, thickness, L-shape?
    crown: diameter and height
    tube: case end diameter, crown end diameter
    bezel click spring: I/D, O/D
    bezel retaining ring: what diameter should I look for?

    I can likely resolve the crown and tube measurements once the watch arrives with my calipers but figured I could ask if anyone knew already. I appreciate the read and help if any.
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  2. TyJoSimo43

    TyJoSimo43 Mar 14, 2019

    It's tough to just give all the dimensions of each and every part that you have listed there. As there are so many F1 models and variations. If you have calipers you should be able to essentially take off each to the parts you want to replace and measure them. I think I may have a crown and tube for this model but I am not super sure. Pictures of your watch would sure help!!

    Also your plan sounds good, also keep in mind, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!!

    Tyler Simon
    Simon Watch Company
    Email: simonwatchcompany@gmail.com
    Instagram: @simonwatchcompany
  3. Nocam

    Nocam Mar 14, 2019

    Hi Tyler, thanks for the reply. Will certainly post photos once the watch arrives. I agree, it may be in good enough shape to just leave as is, but at the same time how long will that last with a 20+ year old watch? And then maybe I'm a glutton for punishment and just want to tinker and spend money ha.

    After a bit of further research I've got some updated details on the parts and their measurements.

    caseback gasket: Part # HF1000 (havent been able to get measurements)
    crystal: Part # HG0000 (havent been able to get measurements but I suspect 25.5mm diameter and 1.00mm thickness, does that seem thin for 200M water resistance?)
    crystal gasket: Part # HG1000, I/D - 25.40mm, O/D - 27.60mm, Height - 1.1mm, Thickness - .60mm (these are ebay numbers however)
    crown: Part # HC0084, Diameter - 5.35mm, Height - 4mm (not 100% on these numbers, also from ebay)
    tube: Part # HC1062 (havent been able to get measurements)
    bezel click spring: I/D - 28.50mm, O/D - 31.90mm
    bezel retaining ring: 35mm

    Please, if anyone has info or if the numbers I have are off, chime in
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