What is your opinion on this Heuer 1550SG “Bundeswehr” Chronograph, I have some concerns about?

  1. VintagewatchesNL

    VintagewatchesNL Dec 4, 2017

    A friend of me. Fell in love with a Heuer 1550SG “Bundeswehr” Chronograph. And is seriously thinking of buying the next watch.
    But I have a few concerns.

    One is the fact the caseback looks like it has seen a grinder. My main thougth is what does someone have to hide?

    The crystal has a lot of clearance from the bezel. Is this a correct crystal?

    Is the crown original? It is unmarked.

    The movement seems to have no Heuer logo or other distinctive inscription. I do not know if it should.

    The rest seems legit to me.
    But I have absolutely no significant knowledge of vintage Heuer, and I hope to find an experts opinion on this particular watch.
    Now the pictures:
    22B3B43E-124C-4A6C-91CF-FA7F631E6A93.jpeg C80E7F1D-17CA-4494-AE49-346483B0E375.jpeg EBB20FB2-36CC-4F3E-85C8-45E8D8707FB6.jpeg D6B6E691-B412-422D-9C1B-79265030BA2D.jpeg EB4FAF33-61F3-4538-9925-74C0910AA9BE.jpeg 8E5B1A77-520A-4BE8-9647-BA03B5BC8FD7.jpeg D50598F1-35CD-491C-8460-35E37A3ABC79.jpeg
  2. SteveP

    SteveP Dec 4, 2017

    Hi-it's an easy watch to fall in love with!
    In my opinion, it looks fine overall. The movement wouldn't normally be signed. The crystal is not original-although there are some available these days for replacement, the condition looks good overall. The caseback is peculiar I will admit, however a lot went on with these watches over the years with caseback changes and re-etching, however I don't recall seeing one ground away like that-nor can I think of why it would have been done. Some buyers would insist on a marked caseback so it can have a bearing on the resale value.
    I hope that helps!
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  3. Gambba

    Gambba Dec 4, 2017

    As Steve says all looks good. The caseback could have had an enscription to someone on it that a later owner didn’t want on it. First time I’ve seen a caseback ground away quite this way.

    I thought I’d heard before that Sinn service these without issue and have plenty of spares for them, so a crystal and caseback could be an option from them.

    The Bund is a sweet watch and one I want in the collection at some point.
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