1. Habart

    Habart Dec 20, 2017

    Just purchased this Heuer chrono at a consignment store in La Quinta. The watch is going in for service ASAP (any suggestions in the LA area?). Watch has a Valjoux movement (72 I think) and the watch keeps good time when it runs (ie: will run for 1 - 2 days, but then stop). I have not seen the same watch on the internet, but did find a 1946 Heuer brochure (shown below) which has a very similar watch. Neither the case nor the calibre have any engraving, which all the later Heuer's have. Not sure what this means, but would like some comments (I bought the watch because I liked it, not as an investment).
    1946Broch04.jpg 2017-12-08 13.28.23.jpg 2017-12-08 13.32.10.jpg