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  1. Calibre11

    Calibre11 Editor of Staff Member Sep 5, 2016

    Some of you may have noticed on Instagram that there is an auction of vintage Heuer's coming up at

    I asked them for a little more information about the auction and why Heuer....and here is the responses:

    "Our CEO, Franz Roman, is a Heuer enthusiast, specialized in vintage Heuer watches and supporting a lot of Heuer collectors. This fall watchPool24 focuses the most on Heuer. The watches in our Heuer auction are a selection from the beginning of the 60’s until the end of the 70’s. We are not looking for quantity, but especially for good quality. Most of our watches are special (rare, unpolished, with a special dial, first owner or NOS)

    Collectors are welcome to send us watches for our auction. Our auction system works the same way as on eBay, with one difference - you can determine a preview time. The next feature of will be that everyone can create his own auction, as long as the watches comply with our quality standards (Every auction has to be approved.)

    Since 1993 our CEO, Franz Roman, is dealing in vintage watches. He is the former owner of PrimeTime and founder and owner of watchPool24.
    For him Heuer is a honest brand. There are many reasons for this:
    1. Heuer watches were used on every race track in the world
    2. The Heuer models are not only named after the Legends the have worn watches at work to win and survive.
    Legends like Jo Siffert, Jochen Rindt, Mario Andretti, Derek Bell, Gilles Villeneuve, Steve McQueen, Niki Lauda, James Hunt, etc.
    3. Heuer watches are very colorful and have a wide spectrum for collectors. But every color has a function like GMT, Skipper, exotic Autavia, Regatta, etc.
    4. If you are a vintage watch collector and you decide to sell your Rolex Submariner or GMT, you can replace the watch immediately. But if you sell a nice vintage Heuer like a early Carrera, you
    will suffer and it will be very hard to replace a watch like this. (This is what happens to Franz Roman all the time)"

    So, there you have it ...certainly worth checking out if you're in the market
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  2. watchpool

    watchpool Sep 6, 2016

    Hello Calibre11 Team, hello Calibre11 community,
    thanks for this knowledgeable forum. Special thanks to David for this post about our ongoing Heuer auction. We appreciate this.

    We would like to support this forum. Therefore we offer all Calibre11 Members worldwide free shipping on[0]=Heuer

    Kind regards from Munich/Germany
    Franz Roman
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  3. elbeik

    elbeik Sep 7, 2016

    Some fine beauties on there..