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Vintage Pre Carrera - Help identifying and valuing an inherited piece

  1. newinterest

    newinterest Feb 28, 2016

    Hi Guys,

    I'm hoping one of you would be able to lend some expertise. I recently inherited an old Heuer from my granddad. I'd like to find out some more information about it.

    I've taken it to a vintage watch specialist in London and he wan't able to tell me a great deal about age or its history. He tried opening the back with a rubber grip and couldn't get in, which suggested to him it's not been opened before and all the parts on the face are probably the originals.

    He also said that despite the strap material breaking down, it doesn't look like it has been worn much. The watch was found in a box in a drawer in a basement and I don't ever remember my granddad wearing it so this may well be true.

    I wondered if anyone could help me identify it? And any rough indication of worth?

    Thank you in advance

    IMG_4617.JPG IMG_4615.JPG IMG_4614.JPG IMG_4609.JPG
  2. Calibre11

    Calibre11 Editor of Staff Member Feb 29, 2016

    Hi there,

    Looks like a Heuer Ref. 346 from the 1950s. Here is a similar watch

    These are the more usual hands (although several types were offered), but I haven't seen this particular combination before