1. 1972Steve

    1972Steve Nov 18, 2020

    My first vintage purchase was a 5408 Heuer (my guess at model) years ago. The rookie mistake I made was the watch was a bad dial restore. Since then I sent it to my watch maker to restore the dial. He sent it to International Dial in Ohio where they did an even worse job and LOST THE HANDS to be relumed. Since then my watch maker sent it to another dial restorer where the dial is somewhat better and added the new hands which are not correct. I just got the watch back after 2 years and am disappointed. Not with my watchmaker but with the third party quality.

    Please help. Can anyone recommend a dial restorer who is responsible and knows what they are doing? Below are shots of real dial versus what I have.

    Thank you - Steve

    4F49E4C1-B018-4D5D-96E2-109D9E53F873.jpeg 79F2B5EC-8361-49DB-9330-19B62B9D05AA.jpeg 79F2B5EC-8361-49DB-9330-19B62B9D05AA.jpeg