1. John01

    John01 Mar 8, 2018

    Hello, i'm new to the forums and am looking for a little help with regards to a bracelet i'm after. My wife has just bought me the blue Tag Carrera 01 skeleton, 43mm with blue crocodile leather strap, (2017 model i think). Im trying to source a bracelet either official or good quality aftermarket. However i'm a little unsure what I should be looking for. All I can find online are 20mm and 22mm straps. I have measure the lugs at 21mm - do Tag make a 21mm wide strap for this watch or will a 22mm fit?

    There is no information anywhere that I can find for a model number of the bracelet or width on the spec sheet or anything. The model number of the watch is CAR201T-0.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.