1. ianmar2112

    ianmar2112 Apr 17, 2017

    I must admit when I bought the Heuer 01 days after it arrived in HK, I was really thrilled, and I shared it on a few forums. Now, when I walked into any Tag Heuer Boutiques, there must be no less than 4 variants of the Heuer 01, there's the Blue edition. Red Bull Edition, Gold, phantom, and so on. It might be good for marketing but for consumers, which one to go for? One sales told me today, why not get the Heuer Red Bull Edition? Well if I knew Mr Biver is going to bring out these and more, I will wait or if they trade in my original 01 which I don't think so. This keep on bringing out variants of the same should stopped, or I might as well hold out buying one until perhaps Heuer 03 comes out. The same is true for Heuer 02T, now that I have one, the CMC model will soon appear... After CMC, may be a ceramic..
  2. Calibre11

    Calibre11 Editor of Calibre11.com Staff Member Apr 17, 2017

    I see you point, but the whole idea of the modular construction was so that they could easily offer variants with lugs in a different material and other model variations. We've seen most of the 2017 models already...I don't expect it to slow down any time soon!
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  3. dtf

    dtf Apr 17, 2017

    Buy the one you like :) I find there is usually a clear favourite when I try on a bunch of different watches
  4. elbeik

    elbeik Apr 18, 2017

    It is not uncommon for Tag Heuer to have a plethora of variants for a specific model.
    Go back a few years and look at the Carrera range, there are no less than 20 models in various colors and schemes, not counting the numerous "limited" editions.
  5. Aquagraph

    Aquagraph Apr 19, 2017

    Yeah, I kind of agree to a degree... if I'd known there was going to be a version of the Heuer01 with the numerals on the face I might have waited. But then again, I bought the original, which I loved, and still love. And I accept that I can't have everything, because I don't have the funds to buy everything. I guess that's no different to any other brand though, imagine how Speedmaster fans feel...