1. Albe100

    Albe100 Apr 15, 2019

    Hi group,

    I’m in talks with regards to acquiring the below Autavia GMT with a 194xxx serial number. I wanted to get some feedback in it before I completely commit to it. Everything seems ok based on my research, with the exception of the case, clearly been polished. I’m waiting for natural light photos, as the light box tends to wash out details.

    Price wise, quite good as im getting good value in a trade towards the purchase. 1A368549-A060-4731-9E36-2EBECE2AC03C.jpeg 0AC8CCA5-9B79-4B86-A5DF-82AD7562D56C.jpeg 33FC17A6-3DB8-4C21-AA71-65ABC0FF0B00.jpeg CCF68AE1-EB33-4935-9046-22C449022569.jpeg

    Thank you all in advance for the feedback.
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