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    TyJoSimo43 Mar 2, 2019

    Hello! Some of you may have remembered my post a few months ago about one of my most popular creations, the Tag 1000 GMT and I'm happy to report that it has become a hit and I have been having more and more people message me for both interest and purchase. I've improved the build as well and it now features a fully working bi-directional bezel.

    So today I figured I'd post some of the full builds and commissions I have done in the past few months and give an update on pricing for these pieces.

    Past Builds and Commissions:

    Mint 980.613b GMT:

    We will start with a great example of a 980.613b based build that is the perfect example of a clean and sleek design. This was my absolute favorite build and look. I had a lot of fun with this one and as usual when I finished building it, it was hard to give up. It had a beautiful brushed case and a mint dial, making the watch look like it just came off the factory floor. Looks really great on the orange leather strap!

    The Painted Black Sheep GMT:
    The second one is known as the Black Sheep GMT. It is a funky build (not my personal taste but it's none of my business to judge) that I built in collaboration with Chris form Creo Design Watches, it was commissioned by one of the greatest customers I could have ever asked for over in Austria. The Watch is a 980.013 based build that had a damaged dial (one of the reasons I agreed that painting it was okay haha). It also has a custom handset that I made, that uses white Mil-Sub hands that I modified to match the dial lume. Some people love it and some people think its the ugliest thing they have ever laid their eyes on!


    So a lot of people also ask me about pricing. I am somewhat flexible on pricing and have lots of options for people to get their hands on these watches in some way or another. Essentially I offer three different pricing schemes.

    1. Just the parts: If you are a capable watch modifier or maker, or you know one, you can simply buy the parts that you will need from me and have them installed yourself. This is the cheapest option and costs 120 usd shipped free.

    2. Parts and Labor: If you already have a 1000 that are looking to give it a cleaning, new crystal, and a GMT conversion there is this option. I will handle everything for 250 usd, return shipping is on the house.

    3. Full Commission: This is the most expensive option, I do it all, I source the Donor, service the donor, complete the build and ship it right to your door. These vary in price quite a bit and usually it is most heavily based on how much it costs for me to buy the donor, then I charge the $250 dollars for the parts and labor. Usually this ends up being 550 - 750 usd.

    Thanks so much everybody for bring a great support of all my projects. Let me know what you guys think!! Love hearing feedback!

    Tyler Simon
    Simon Watch Company
    Email: simonwatchcompany@gmail.com
    Instagram: @simonwatchcompany
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    TyJoSimo43 Mar 13, 2019

    Some more fun pictures!
    IMG_1282.JPG IMG_1287.JPG
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    OttoWilliam Mar 13, 2019

    Love it ! ;)
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