KNG_COOL Dec 13, 2017

    Hey guys this is my first posting on Callbre 11. I have been a big fan of TAG Heuer for the longest and i'm trying to get help in reference to the different quartz movements that are used within my watches. I own 5 TAG Heuer watches, CAW2111, CAZ1110, WAZ1110(X2) and CAZ1111 pics attached. I really love them, but on other message boards and forums the brand completely gets bashed to heck by people who hate quartz, people who hate the TAG in TAG Heuer, people saying that TAG Heuer isn't a respected luxury brand and even when I tried to find some unbiased video I found all the crappy archie luxury videos on youtube. My big question...is it worth buying or collecting quartz? I really don't expect any of these watches to fetch some crazy amount of money, but I would like to be able to say if I take care of them they would at least maintain some value when I get old and pass them to my children. My main question is, are they any benefit's to buying quartz vs some of the other movement offered in more expensive brands of luxury watches? With the models I currently own, do they use the same quartz? Please let me know what you think and I appreciate all of the member's advice Thanks.
    11011075_933033320064663_1318345600401769026_n.jpg 10455568_1035595193141808_5487870934030791752_n.jpg 12510253_1091792430855417_5877845378774569536_n.jpg 17799218_1476197069081616_4945724009911059667_n.jpg 19732032_1583713654996623_5858018869193058672_n.jpg
  2. Hubert

    Hubert Dec 13, 2017

    I'd say: buy what you want and makes you happy. There will be critics and haters for everything. Don't let a negative Internet comment poison your desire for the brand; we love it.

    That said, my experience is that quartz will depreciate much more than automatics and will not be "eternal", as Jean Claude Biver likes to say. So if you are buying for the long haul, I'd say go with automatics.
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  3. OttoWilliam

    OttoWilliam Dec 13, 2017

    I love Tag Heuer !

    Haters will hate. Watching Archie Luxury will offer no improvement to that (although there is this episode he was praising calibre 7 GMT tag heuer). Remember, archie, Theo and Harris, urban gentry, federico, time tiller are all nothing but a personal opinion from one person per channel. There are millions (to say the least) out there who love Tag Heuer as i do and never make video on youtube. We called ourselves the silent majority (pun and jokes intended)

    If you need to hear encouragement about Tag Heuer, is this; we have dedicated forum like Calibre11 with an active members that knows whether Tag Heuer is a good watch or not. Even the purist pro watch site have their dedicated thread for Tag Heuer.

    But all being said, i agree with Mr Hubert here. Buy what you want and makes you happy. Life's too short to think about haters.

    Your monaco is very good looking, btw.

    Now if excuse me, i am going to look for Frederique Constant watch that most of people hate and i like. :D
  4. elbeik

    elbeik Dec 14, 2017

    The easiest thing to do on the intertubes is proclaim oneself to be a critic.
    Just trash everything you come across and build the self-belief of being an opinion leader of importance.

    Just like the gentlemen mentioned, buy something you like and enjoy YOURSELF, not for others.
    Else, let's all buy Rolexes and get approvals from forums.

    Now, very few watches will appreciate in value nowadays. Some, may depreciate faster than others, but don't expect a return on investment.

    Just enjoy your timepieces and get what makes you happy.
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    KNG_COOL Dec 14, 2017

    Hey guys, thank you all for the positive advice. But I was still wondering if the quartz watches I own all use the same quartz movement? Or does it vary from the different models I own? I couldn’t find any pictures of the quartz movement used in my formula 1’s. If possible, if you guys knew a link with some sort of pictures or reviews of these models that discusses their movements, I would appreciate it thanks.
  6. dtf

    dtf Dec 15, 2017

    There are some real advantages to quartz over automatic, much better accuracy, much less risk of damage due to vibration or magnetism, no need to set it when you haven't worn it for a few days, no need to keep on a winder. Really the fascination with automatics is silly and marketing driven.

    The youtube reviewers are just trying to come up with content so they get money for views, although Tag use the very cheapest of the cheap movements in their 3 hand automatic watches, so that complaint is valid.

    Whatever you buy, some people will like it, some people will hate it.
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  7. Jim Dollares

    Jim Dollares Dec 29, 2017

    Put a big smile on my face to see your love for Formula 1 models, if I had an unlimited budget I would easily pick up like 6 F1 models without having to think about it!

    Regarding what movement is inside them I would guess that Tag uses the cheapest swiss versions available. I love quartz and I think its a shame that they dont use HAQ movements in their quartz range, especially considering the pricepoint!

    To me it makes more sense to have a quartz movement in a USD 1500 watch than some low grade mass produced somewhat accurate automatic that needs a 500 Dollar servicing every 5 years. Paying 30% of the purchase price to service something makes no sense to me...
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