Tag Heuer 1000 Crown stem seal/gasket

  1. Denarius

    Denarius Dec 5, 2016


    I'am new here so first of all I shall say hello! it looks a great forum and as I have 2 Tag Heuers hopefully I can get involved with the many discussions here..

    So my most recent watch incoming is a classic Tag Heurer 1000 - 980.013N, I always wanted one and have started to clean it up, give it new seals and gaskets, a new battery, cleaned the inside of the crystal etc.

    When removing the crown/stem I had to clean off a black tar like matter which I imagine is a seal/gasket that has degraded but I cannot see where this sits within the stem and cannot find anything online about these seals/gaskets?
    Can I get a aftermarket seal from somewhere like Cousins, if so what size should I be looking at?

    Would appreciate if you can point me in the right direction and I'll post up pictures of the progress.

    Thanks again..
  2. Calibre11

    Calibre11 Editor of Calibre11.com Staff Member Dec 6, 2016

    Welcome Denarius!

    Yes, sounds like that's right. Here's the link to a full gasket set

  3. automobilia42

    automobilia42 Dec 6, 2016

    Hello Denarius and welcome;
    The gasket sits inside the crown, but are you sure you want to proceed with this job?
    As there are many other pitfalls refurbishing this watch...just a question upfront from me, not to bash you but to make sure you can do the job right, with OEM or better parts and correct tools and equipment, otherwise don't even start with it and look for a good watchmaker in your neighbourhood to do it for you.
    Just a tip :thumbsup:
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