1. jgilby

    jgilby May 20, 2018

    After working perfectly for a couple of weeks today something strange happened:
    • After receiving a notification earlier this evening the screen stayed on that notification rather than going back to the watch face.
    • After I pushed the button it went to the watch face but only the background one and not the selected one. If I touch the screen I get the background face but brighter but it doesn’t go to the selected face.
    • If I push the button then I get the Apps screen up but it will not scroll or select anything. I was going to hit settings and turn the watch off and on but it will not work.
    • If I long push the button then the Google screen comes up and I can ask a question and it will respond on screen and I can scroll this screen to read the whole message, so the touch facility seems to work.
    • I put the watch on the charger thinking that perhaps I was running low on power and it showed 33% so not close to zero/
    • I have taken it off charge now and was going to wait for it to drain completely to see if I can get it going again.
    Any thoughts on this?
  2. Good Times

    Good Times May 30, 2018

    Have you tried a reset to factory specs in the settings?
  3. Hubert

    Hubert May 31, 2018

    A few weeks ago, my Connected was behaving erratically. After a hard reset (power button pressed for a while), it rebooted and things went back to normal.