1. nick911

    nick911 Jun 5, 2018

    Hi All,

    my first post so hopefully no-one has asked before:
    is there any criteria for when the 'main' face appears, sometimes when i move my wrist it lights up good, other times it doesn’t until i press the button or screen. There is plenty of charge so its not that.

    Has anyone modified a 45mm rubber strap to fit a 41mm head unit, i have just got mine and i really like the orange strap but it doesn’t appear to be available for the 41mm unit?


  2. Feanor

    Feanor Jun 5, 2018

    1. It depends heavily on the calibration of the accelerometer of your watch (which you cannot adjust, it's factory set); in case of my Connected 45, whether the screen will light up or not depends, not only on the angle, but also the speed of the movement. Usually lifting slowly my wrist will not activate the screen, even if I angle my wrist a lot, whereas a quick flick of my wrist will almost always prompt the screen to light up.
    2. I doubt that you can fit a Connected 45 strap to a Connected 41. I think the width of the bands is not the same and I don't think there is anything you can do about it. I think you'll have to live with the options available for the 41.