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Sold Heuer Autavia 7863c Dato

  1. miramogge

    miramogge Sep 26, 2020

    Hi everyone.
    Hope there is a collector on here for this amazing piece.

    I offer here what is in my opinion, as close to New Old Stock as it can get for one of these. A beautiful Heuer Autavia 7863c Dato.
    I bought the watch because of its condition but there in lies my problem. I can’t use the watch because I don’t want to damage it so I’ve never given it any wrist time.
    Apart from me winding it every now and again the poor thing is pretty much all alone.
    Maybe there is a collector on here that wants to keep it as it is or maybe someone who just wants to use it as was intended by Heuer.

    I’m not going to pretend for a second that I know much of anything about these models but any questions are welcome and I will do my absolute best to answer them. As I mentioned before I purchased this amazing piece simply because it looked so good but I will add the little information that I have collected so far.

    Heuer Autavia Mark One.
    Compressor case.
    Tachymeter Bezel.
    Cal Valjoux 7732, Heuer Leonidas SA, 17 jewels.
    Serial number 1387xx, from 1968
    Ref nr. 7863c

    It really is a stunner.
    6F91B84D-3901-4EF5-9531-7DE5E1A3FB63.jpeg 949EBC0D-07A7-4DD2-A1B5-B50DD30214A4.jpeg 8370A7B8-BA01-4B01-BF36-F3AFD8D5F9BD.jpeg 7B1C73B4-0C6B-4D4C-B356-3A37DD3233BD.jpeg 179CEF05-718F-4A01-8439-58D077B02732.jpeg DF6C6CBE-7755-46C9-B824-A671DE04413F.jpeg 82E0F63A-71A2-4E02-A2CD-7E7A649396B4.jpeg
    I have a sold a few items on omegaforums through the want to buy section. I’ll link to those reviews.

    have plenty of feedback on other sites in Sweden and I am more than happy to share those upon request.
    I am looking to get €6900 after all fees.
    I am also open to trades.
    I will accept returns if I have misrepresented the watch but I had the watch checked by Kaplan’s auction house in Stockholm which is where I got my own information from ::book::
    Thanks very much for letting me advertise here on calibre11:)
  2. Redwes25

    Redwes25 Sep 26, 2020

    This is in just amazing condition. I am tapped out for awhile right now but would be all over this if I could. GLWS.
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  3. vintage_GMT

    vintage_GMT Oct 15, 2020

    Hello i am looking to buy my first Heuer and i saw your post.. can you tell me if it is currently still for sale ?