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  1. whitecap

    whitecap Oct 9, 2018


    I have been wearing my Connected 45 for 6 months now and noticed that the PVD coating was wearing off at the top left angle of my watch. I don't use the watch in any sport activity. Two TH dealers recommended me to send the watch back to TH, which I did.

    I first send it to the main office in Germany, which concluded that I could get my watch repaired with a new bezel for 230 € !!! I refused, got my watch back and sent a mail with photos (here enclosed) to the Customer Service in Switzerland. They confirmed me that the black PVD is "peeling" by "even small impacts". Conclusion: "normal wear" for my 6 month old watch !!!!!

    I feel really screwed up in front of such a poor quality feature, regarding the price of the watch !