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    Press release from TAG Heuer below:

    When TAG Heuer launched its third-generation luxury Connected watch in March of this year, the world took notice. And now, just in time for the holidays, the brand is releasing a new exclusive watch face and stylish nubuck leather straps in warm seasonal colours to complement the elegantly crafted digital timepiece.

    La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland – 10 November 2020: Since 2015, with its visionary Connected watch, TAG Heuer has established itself as the clear leader in the luxury smartwatch category. The third generation, which was introduced in March of this year, further enhanced the timepiece’s reputation for high performance and refined design.

    And now, just in time for the holiday season, a new display and accessories are being unveiled. Adding to the timepieces edgy versatility, green and brown nubuck leather and rubber straps are joining the existing range of slick polished steel or sporty and colourful rubber interchangeable bracelets, so that the TAG Heuer Connected can be worn for any and every occasion.
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    The Synopsis watch face: setting the bar for sleek productivity

    With the Synopsis watch face, the multi-feature display can be totally customised to highlight your most important data in one read. You can choose up to six essential complications to create exactly the combination that reflects your personal preferences and daily needs. For example, along with the time, you can set the watch to display the date, your next agenda event, your Connected watch’s power reserve, a second time zone, the day’s sunrise and sunset times, the weather forecast, or the distance you have run, cycled or walked with the TAG Heuer Sports app. Even more options can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

    Synopsis is available eight different colours and joins the collection of mechanical-inspired (Heuer 01C, Heuer 02 Calibre Revisited, Classic and Helios) and digital (Orbital, Carbon and Timekeeping) conceptual faces that TAG Heuer introduced for the Connected watch earlier this year.

    The Classic watch face also gets a full reskin to echo the new TAG Heuer Carrera collection and add chronograph complications.

    High Quality JPG-SBG8A80.BT6237_CLOSE-UP__Synopsis_ Lime.jpg High Quality JPG-SBG8A80.BT6230_CLOSE-UP_Synopsis_Red.jpg High Quality JPG-SBG8A11.BA0646_CLOSEUP_acier_bleu_Productivity_Native.jpg

    TAG Heuer Connected: traditional Swiss watchmaking, cutting-edge connectivity

    Every TAG Heuer Connected watch offers the refinement and elegance of a chronograph-inspired timepiece crafted in the truest Swiss watchmaking tradition along with a state-of-the-art, custom-designed digital experience geared squarely towards performance.

    It seamlessly blends the everyday go-to connected services offered by Google’s Wear OS with the TAG Heuer Sports app. Thanks to these cutting-edge features, along with built-in GPS and heart rate monitor, the watch delivers detailed tracking for golfers, runners, cyclists, walkers and other fitness enthusiasts, regardless of their sporting passion. A TAG Heuer mobile companion app allows for even greater personalisation and insights into the wearer’s achievements.

    Design as compelling as its technology

    The TAG Heuer Connected watch has a luxury design that is as compelling as its innovative technology. It was inspired by the brand’s most iconic chronographs and is immediately recognizable.

    The 45 mm cases, available in stainless steel or titanium, reflect the distinct design codes, noble materials and refined finishes of high-end watchmaking, including the signature facetted lugs, polished and brushed details, a graduated ceramic bezel, a central rotating crown now flanked by two functional pushers, and a screwed case back.

    Your best performance is the one ahead

    This luxurious new TAG Heuer Connected watch, updated with its eye-catching Synopsis watch face and elegant earth-toned nubuck straps, is a timely – and timeless – celebration of the changing seasons and the holidays that are just around the corner. And in every season – now and in the years to come – the TAG Heuer Connected watch will be a constant and reliable companion helping you to achieve your best performance yet.

    The new, totally customisable Synopsis watch face for daily essentials at a glance can be downloaded now using the TAG Heuer app. The green and brown nubuck leather straps are available on for select markets, as well as in TAG Heuer boutiques worldwide.

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    No thanks! ;) :thumbsup:
    I’m not interested in the 3rd Connected (2020), as I like the 2nd (2017, Modular) much more and I plan to continue with it. As an iPhone user, I can only have one Wear OS smartwatch tethered to my phone, so my choice is the (2nd) Connected Modular 45, because:

    - I like its design better and I find it much more personal than the 3rd

    - the 2nd Connected is Modular (and the 3rd is not)

    - the 3rd Connected is not compatible with all the accessories -bracelets, straps, lugs, buckles, mechanical modules- of the 2nd (of which there is also more variety, and I have enough of them that I want to continue enjoying with a smartwatch linked to my iPhone, in addition to the mechanical modules)

    - the 3rd Connected is Made in China while the 2nd is Swiss Made

    - of the 3rd Connected we have reports of users who say it slows down with many WatchMaker watchfaces that the 2nd Connected (and also the 1st) runs smoothly

    - the automatic brightness mode of the 3rd Connected is too dark, and works better on the 2nd Connected...

    So, we'll see what will happen when the 4th TH Connected is launched, but of course I’m not going to buy the 3rd one! ;)
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