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  1. VRman

    VRman Apr 11, 2021

    Added a TicWatch Pro 3 LTE to my Smart Watch collection a few months back and I've been running it along side of my CM45.
    LTE is disabled until Mobvoi updates for Global LTE bands.

    Since it's built around Qualcomm's newest Wear SoC "Snapdragon 4100". I wanted to see how it compares to my CM45 for daily use and see if the 4100 SoC was a big improvement over the 3100 & 2100.

    In short it wont be replacing my CM45, although it has some nice features and the 4100 is an improvement over it's previous generations.
    Fails to meet my basic bar:
    "Tag Heuer Connected Gen1/Gen2 were watches that Tag Heuer made smart, everything else is a computer playing a watch" VRman - 2018

    The Good:
    1) Battery life/Performance - This is purely subjective because as users we all setup our devices differently. If you're a 24/7 watch wearer than this type of watch is a benefit. With various setups I was able to go 2-5 days easily wearing 24/7. Tweaking the settings for essential mode, I have no doubt you could several weeks out of a single charge.
    2) Monitoring Sensors - This watch has a number of sensors built in to provide Health related metrics (Physical and Mental). This offers a wide choice of possibilities current and future monitoring
    3) Display - It's a larger display than the CM45 and for me it was an easier read of screen. This is also be attributed to screen evolution since the CM45 release. Overall it's an amazing looking screen compared to other watches.

    The Bad:
    1) Watch Performance - Although this watch was noticeably faster than my Samsung watch and other Snapdragon watches in watch operation such as screen scrolling, app opening, connections.... and no screen lag, It was not noticeable compared to the CM45. I think the CM45's Intel SoC still holds its own today ~4yrs later.
    2) TicWatch Software - There's a lot of apps/bloatware from Mobvoi on this watch that left me with an impression of wanting to collect my data instead of providing useful apps. I could be wrong on this but I just didn't have that feeling. Also looks like they shut down the paths to de-Tic this watch by making it lockup, behave badly... when users remove or disable to Mobvoi/TicWatch related apps.
    3) Diameter and fit - It's a little too big for me in regards to diameter even though the screen is amazing. I also found you have to wear it with a snug to tight fit to get accurate and good sensor readings. I wear my watches loose and actually wear my CM45 on the inside on my wrist when working out to limit kettle bell contact with the watch face. I added a glass protector and silicone case protector tot he tic watch

    Overall not a bad watch, I wore to the jewelry store to see how it looked/functioned compared to the Connected Gen3. Given a choice I would buy this over a Gen3( Honestly I have yet to see a smart watch that meets or beats the Gen2 CM45) .
    Hopefully TH is looking at other smart watch offerings and will implement some of the functions in the next release if it's in the works.

    Pics of my watch are below. Mobvoi Link for more detail

    Screen is on auto brightness here and it has a glass screen protector installed.

    Screen with always on turned off backlit is on from tilt function. You get the power save/essential screen
    IMG_20210411_103151 (1).jpg

    On Wrist
    Edited Apr 11, 2021
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  2. EmJay

    EmJay Apr 11, 2021

    I'm mostly using Huawei GT2 Pro nowadays. Not much in terms of watch faces at all, but almost 14 days battery life, QI wireless charging with my Galaxy phone and various trackers (stress, sleep, SpO2) makes it my daily watch. Notifications are pretty basic tho, but its a cool looking piece made of titanium with sapphire glass. No dilemma with straps - lots out there.
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  3. Albert-AMG

    Albert-AMG Apr 11, 2021

    Interesting comparison with Gen2 CM45 @VRman ! :thumbsup:
    Glad to read that the CM45's Intel Atom processor Z34XX (used in smartphones) withstands the passage of time well, and that it stands up well even against the much newer Snapdragon 4100 in terms of watch performance :thumbsup:
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  4. Anthony.R

    Anthony.R Apr 12, 2021

    I'm hoping TAG will follow Ticwatch and use the Dual layer screen and 4100 Snapdragon in the Gen 4.
    I love getting 4 days average out of a single charge. The sensors are not great though.
    Step counter is way off. Sometimes close to 100% different to Samsung Galaxy Watch 2020.

    I'm sure Gen 4 of Connected will still be made in China and we will still see same problems we see with Gen 3.
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