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Orange rubber straps 1FT6081 like a new Modular 45mm

  1. J.C

    J.C Oct 24, 2021

    For sale Orange Rubber Straps Model 1FT6081
    To Connected Modular 45m Models
    Straps like a new - bargain £60 + postage
    Can ship worldwide via Recorded postage

    Also I have for sale:
    brand New Orange straps £85 1FT6081
    Black rubber straps New £85 1FT6076
    Titanium lugs £200 for set
    Black titanium lugs £350
    Brand new Buckle £185 FC5074-0
    Used backle £100 FC5074-0

    Manchester United inner and outer box in excellent condition £50

    Alec Monopoly Inner and outer box £50
    Golf Edition Box £50

    If someone looking for brand New Lugs also
    available but prices are high
    I will do an additional picture for request
    Screenshot_20211023-074407_eBay.jpg Screenshot_20211023-074359_eBay.jpg Screenshot_20211023-074349_eBay.jpg
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