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  2. dtf

    dtf Feb 11, 2016

    "the most successful single model in terms of year one sales not only for TAG Heuer, but the whole LVMH group. "

    That is very interesting! Shows they were right with their experiment. Any idea how the sales figures compare to the Apple Watch for the same period after launch?

    I constantly swing hot/cold on the connected, but the watch I am really interested is the mechanical upgrade from the connected, seems a bit odd given the connected is the star, but I really like the understated look of that carrera.
  3. elbeik

    elbeik Feb 11, 2016

    While I love technology - and very tempted by the Connected - as the author mentioned - I am not sure I am ready to have my mechanical watches vacating my wrist.
  4. Hubert

    Hubert Feb 11, 2016

    Good review, especially when Tech Blogs generally end up bashing it due to its high price point, as their reference point is other smart watches.

    As Felix, the author or the article alludes, the shortcomings and lessons of this first generation should provide TAG Heuer with clear goals of what to address on future iterations. The quality must be consistent in all components, charger and case-back included.

    That said, my #1 wish for the next gen Connected would be to have a better display. I really wish it will render "true blacks" with low glare and a higher-resolution, while retaining good battery life and visibility under direct sunlight.

    Closely in #2 would be improved build quality, #3 sensors (heart-rate, GPS) built-in speaker and maybe LTE capabilities.

    And finally better factory watch faces. Some of the fan-based ones are truly wonderful. We should get official watch faces that honor the large variety of the brand's models from the present and the past. I wouldn't mind to pay a dollar or two for each watch face, as long as they became available on the Google Play & Apple App Stores.
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