New Autavia Viceroy Re-Edition- CBE2118

  1. kappa_md

    kappa_md Sep 28, 2020

    Thanks sir DC @Calibre11 :thumbsup: Appreciate it sir! It’s pretty hard to find one of these Viceroy Autavia Re-editions actually since they were only release for the TH North American market (I think) I would assume the vintage guys grabbed one of these and taking a hold into it ;)

    It’s easier to find vintage Heuer Viceroy Autavias since they were made a plenty and spanned more than a decade of production. The vintage aura very much appeals to me but the thought of acquiring one and having a vintage watch serviced is very daunting & difficult from where I come from.

    So I find this Viceroy Autavia Re-edition suitable with all the modern packaging and also have great ownership experiences with my Rindt, JH85 and Siffert Autavias ;) Since the latest TH Autavia (adventure) have a new design and direction, I’m simply enamored with the Heuer Heritage Autavias taking a hail from the Golden Age of Heuer with an abundance of motorsport history! ::love::