1. Dr Pein

    Dr Pein Aug 16, 2020

    I've had my Connected 2020 for about three weeks when I probably bumped into something.

    I say "probably" because I did not really feel anything; I just heard the "plopping" sound it made when the bezel(?) and the screen came off on one side, and the watch stood open on an almost 45-degree angle.

    I pushed it back down, and the watch still seems to work fine, as far as I can tell, because now the screen is permanently off. It charges, it vibrates when notifications come in etc. And not a single hint of a scratch.

    I contacted Tag, who suggested going into a shop where "expert watchmakers" would be at hand with the necessary "technical equipment", which was obviously nonsense because every single one I spoke to said they don't touch "smart" watches. So I'll have to send it in when I am back in the UK after my holiday.

    I think I know the answers, but has anybody ever had this before?
    I guess there isn't anything I could try and do myself?
    Does anybody know how long this can take?