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Looking for These Timepieces "Pictures Included"

  1. AeonOfAwareness

    AeonOfAwareness Aug 25, 2016

    Hello all,

    I am looking for three very distinct Heuer/TAG Heuer timepieces.

    1.) TAG Heuer Quartz Link Chronograf REF. CT1111
    2.) Heuer Night Diver w/ Black PVD & Cream Dial REF. 980.031
    3.) Heuer Triple Calendar Chronograph w/ Moonphase REF. ?

    As stated I have attached photos of these 3 timepieces and if you have any of these, please get a hold of me so we can potentially work a deal.

    Thank you!

    -AeonOfAwareness TAG Heuer Quartz Link Chrono.jpg Heuer Night Diver.jpg View attachment 275034
    Edited Aug 28, 2016