Looking for replacement Chrono Module in Heuer titanium chronograph model 225.206

  1. CakaX

    CakaX Apr 16, 2019

    My Heuer titanium chronograph model 225.206 stopped working a long time ago.

    German dealers and heuer themselves told me that the chrono module (185), a composite of
    A ESA 555.232 quartz base plus a Dubois Depraz mechanical chronograph module was not possible to repair as the small step-motor inside the DD was broken and no spare parts were to be found. That was around 1995 long before the internet and calibre11.

    I am looking for someone who could provide me with links/addresses to dealers/clockmakers who could provide either a working 185 or parts of it (DD or even the little motor) and put this new „heartbeat“ into the existing shell.
    A working but scratched/damaged chronograph as a spare part collection could be an option as well..

    Any Idea welcome - Thank you for your time and support - X
  2. Gambba

    Gambba Apr 16, 2019

    You’ll struggle to find parts, as what you have found is what many others find when the Chrono stops working on these 80’s models.

    You may have luck finding a watch with the same quartzchrono movement that works on eBay.