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  1. 1016

    1016 May 7, 2016

    My wife had one purchase in 1977 but it was stolen in a burglary of our house.
    Even since I have been trying to buy one back.
    Why is it so difficult to find one ??
    Anybody please explain and let me know if you know one for sale.
  2. Calibre11

    Calibre11 Editor of Staff Member May 7, 2016

    Here it is in the 1979 Heuer Catalogue
    They're hard to find for a couple of reasons: Firstly, it's a 1970s quartz watch, so combine the watch's age with the fact that many of these were left in drawers for a while with batteries leaching and destroying movements. Secondly- and this is a generalisation- collecting watches has been more of a male area of interest. Most women are far too sensible to pay more for an old watch that works less well than a modern one ;)

    Of course, there are exceptions, especially in the world of TAG Heuer and Heuer where there are several prominent female collectors- I'm just explaining why there aren't many around.