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  1. TabathaGreen

    TabathaGreen Jan 31, 2021

    About a month ago my boyfriend bought a Tag Heuer watch for me that he had purchased from a complete stranger. I have been researching it online to see if it's real or a fake but I'm still just as confused as I was when he first gave it to me. I have been online and seen all the things you can check to determine a fake or not and everything seems to check out right except for it having a reference model number and serial number. Mine only has one set of numbers. I read where Tag's made before 1992 doesnt have serial numbers engraved on them. I'm hoping that is why I'm only seeing one set of numbers. The face seems to be sapphire crystal cause I did the water test and i have woren it everyday for the past month and the face hasn't gotten scratched at all and I'm very hard on jewelry too. All the engravings seem to be correct and in the right spots and nothing looks glued on. If anyone could help me out I would be very grateful. It's suppose to be an Aquaracer 200 Meters Mother of Pearl face I guess

  2. kappa_md

    kappa_md Feb 1, 2021

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