1. Greatoldone

    Greatoldone Feb 22, 2017

    Ive been terribly rude. I've been posting here for several days now and never really introduced myself :)

    Hi, I'm Jason. A 40 something IT Security / Cryptography expert working for a large UK Bank. I'm happily married with two cats.

    Hobbies include my kit-car, my engineering 'workshop' (A shed in the garden which I hope to at some point in the near future start building clocks in), reading large quantities of sci-if, scuba diving and supporting my local Rugby Union team (come on you Saints!) and following F1. I've also just got a 3D printer, which is great fun (when it works!)

    I'm also very interested in anything Space related - I'd really like a job, Mr Musk. :D

    The help and advice I've gotten from you guys so far has been great. I do hope you don't mind me sticking around.

  2. imagwai

    imagwai Feb 22, 2017

    Welcome. I can match you on 40-something, IT and large UK bank! Only the one cat, though.
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