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  1. Chef40

    Chef40 Mar 21, 2019

    hi all. I have just bought this heuer ref 13-1. It’s keeping perfect time and chronograph functions are working perfectly. The PVD has worn a bit and crystal has seen better days. Im very new to heuer watches but have noticed the date subdial is plain grey and I’ve only seen with white markers and never plain. The crown is unsigned. The one thing I have noticed is on the photo from the heuer catalogue the heuer shield seems to be very low and near the white marker at 6 o’clock but on others I have seen the heuer shield is slightly higher. I really don’t know if the one I have bought is genuine. It feels genuine and I like it but who knows?.Could I have people’s opinions please E62B84AF-AE56-4DC1-A9BB-E5B2A5B737EE.jpeg 60EEF4B9-C200-46BA-8CF7-2800494D0935.jpeg 133842BA-2961-4B25-9653-05AC0BB2B6C4.jpeg 0F147C1D-8303-47D5-B7A2-B7881C6CBED3.jpeg A051EEAF-D7BB-4D44-88C0-96AA9CDE0F9A.jpeg 490B65D0-71FD-45D8-BF7A-E045294D7491.jpeg 48C7C36F-BF59-4F1A-8152-AFB55166123F.jpeg F371FE4A-BF09-4B82-BFCE-FEA834549155.jpeg 0DB8FECD-FC48-4DA1-9E2F-C0A039E31C53.jpeg B22DCA22-AEAD-4766-B2F7-840C279ADCD1.jpeg 2CC609E5-29A7-444E-B7B5-A749F72D66B5.jpeg
    Edited Mar 21, 2019
  2. Gambba

    Gambba Mar 26, 2019

    I’ve seen a few over the years that don’t have the white indices around in the date “subdial”, no idea why some do and some don’t but certainly don’t think it’s abnormal.

    I mentioned also about the Heuer shield position and size also not being an issue in my eyes.