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Heuer Monaco CS2110 re-issue. Serial number ?

  1. noiseboyuk

    noiseboyuk Mar 16, 2020

    Hi All,
    Although a long time member of your sister ‘Omega’ forum - I’m a first time poster on this ‘Heuer’ forum.
    I have a Monaco CS2110 re-issue.
    It’s the first re-edition with a limited run of 5000.
    The previous owner had the engraved case-back disk replaced because it fell off and was lost (it seems they are just glued on)
    Unfortunately, the replacement disk does not have the limited edition number engraved on it ( ie. ???? /5000)
    The rest of the engraving is there, but not the number.
    Any suggestions of how I can discover the actual series number of the watch.
    The watch was first sold in 1998 and is complete with all receipts including purchase invoice, guarantee card etc. However, the guarantee card only has the dealer stamp on it and the rest of the paperwork has no mention of watch number.
    I’ve emailed the original dealer but predictably they have no records that go back over 20 years.
    Any ideas ?
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Calibre11

    Calibre11 Editor of Staff Member Mar 19, 2020

    HI there- and welcome to the light side ::stirthepot::

    No, I'm not sure that there is any way of tracking this down, Modern TAG Heuers often have the serial number engraved inside the watch, as well as the caseback- but this is not the case with LE numbers, which I guess are seen as being more "decorative". TAG Heuer also doesn't have a database that could tell the answer.

    Sorry- but I can't think of anyway to solve this one for you.