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  1. Davidt

    Davidt Oct 6, 2016

    Although it was Speedmasters that got me started on vintage watches, I've really taken to 60's Heuers recently. I've just posted this over on Omega Forums but thought it would be worthwhile here as well.

    I aquired a lovely 7220 Camaro NT earlier in the year and a 3637S Carrera arrived today. I'd appreciate any comments/thoughts positive and negative as I'm very much a novice with these.

    From what I think I know, it's an early 3647 first gen, with plain crown, narrow markers and no T on the dial (although I believe it's still tritium), powered by the V92. Serial is 61xxx, stamped between the lugs. Model 3647 isn't stamped between the lugs. This might have worn off, although I have a vague memory of reading somewhere that some 45's didn't have this stamp?

    It's found its way to me via the grandson of the original owner. It's well dinged up but I believe unpolished and I think it'll come up lovely after service. Most of the blemishes are on the crystal not the dial. There ate some losses to the minute track on the rehaut and the crystal is cracked, which I've heard are a pig to find. At least one of the pushers is also wrong, but overall I'm very happy. Should clean up nicely.

    image.jpg image.jpg
    Edited Oct 6, 2016
  2. abrod520

    abrod520 Oct 7, 2016

    (Copied and pasted from my post on OF ;) )
  3. Calibre11

    Calibre11 Editor of Staff Member Oct 7, 2016

    Agree with this. A new crystal will make a lot of difference.

    You could go to town on it and refurbish the case, but apart from a crystal, I'd probably enjoy it as it is
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