Heuer 7753 Carrera Belgian Air Force

  1. HeuerFan

    HeuerFan Feb 19, 2019

    Up for sale is one of my rare duplicate pieces....a Heuer Carrera 7753 BAF (civilian version). I had picked up another one of these beauties several months ago, so no need to have two. This rare beauty is in wonderful condition, with a beautiful lume and sharp case. The serial is engraved clearly on the case and in the correct range of 106xxx. The reference number is also clearly engraved on the case. This is considered the "Civilian version" of the Belgian Air Force Carrera, due to not having the military engraving on the caseback. I had bought this from the original owner from Belgium who was a pilot.

    Price: $10k USD or best offer

    As an added bonus, if you purchase the watch, I can sell you the pictured Heuer double grain GF bracelet with after market HEL end links at a great discounted price of $12.5k USD including the Carrera. As many of you know, these bracelets easily are valued at $4k+, so it's a nice discounted perk! The double grain GF bracelets are the perfect compliment to any manual wind Carrera, but with this black dial beauty, it just makes it POP!

    I will let the pictures tell you the rest of the story on the condition!

    If you need more info or pictures, feel free to send me an email. References are available on request.

    I am located in Los Angeles, but am able to ship from EU if you prefer!

    IG: @HeuerFan

    1V6A6392.jpg IMG_1525.jpg 1V6A6393.jpg 1V6A6408.jpg 1V6A6409.jpg 1V6A6410.jpg 1V6A6399.jpg 1V6A6401.jpg 1V6A6400.jpg serial.jpg 1V6A6402.jpg 1V6A6403.jpg 1V6A6404.jpg 1V6A6406.jpg 1V6A6407.jpg
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  2. Bfarhy

    Bfarhy Feb 26, 2019

    Hi Carlo. Great watch! I too am based in LA and looking to sell my rare Monaco. I was in Cannes in 1999 (possibly may have been ’98) for the Advertising Awards, I purchased a Tag Monaco CS2113 (#200 of 200) from Ferret (this model was only made and sold for this shop) I wore it on and off for the first year then put it away. I never wear it and want to sell it. I would say it's in very good condition, (the band probably needs replacing as its a bit dried out) and I have the original case. You know this watch? If you are interested I can be reached at bryan@farhy.co. Good luck with this Carrera.