Heuer 2000 Chronograph 273.006 vs. 262.006

  1. Kickville

    Kickville Oct 26, 2019

    I have the opportunity to buy a very nice Heuer 2000 Chronograph 262.006.

    But I have seen another very similar model called Heuer 2000 Chronograph 273.006?

    It’s very difficult to find reliable info on the net about these two models. The different bezels are obvious.

    As far as I can see the 262.006 is 38 mm in diameter, without the crown. The 273.006 should apparently be 40 mm without the crown?

    But as far as I can see they have the same size bezel?

    Maybe someone c F6CB2C9D-33BA-43FE-BC59-FACEEAADD1DB.jpeg 0813230A-8373-4BD6-B71C-1D1F8B252D67.jpeg an help me clear things up?
  2. Gambba

    Gambba Oct 26, 2019

    There’s various sizes given online, but they measure about 38mm, depending on how you measure them. In this series there is only one case size. They all finish 06 which historically indicated the largest size of the model.

    So both models you’re looking at will be the same size and the bezels will be the only differences as far as I know.

    Quite an interesting story behind the 2000’s and the and especially the chrono module.

    I’ve got a couple of 2000’s myself.

    Edited Oct 27, 2019
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