Help picking deployment clasp for Monaco

  1. MichaelRay

    MichaelRay Jan 12, 2018

    I would greatly appreciate any input helping me decide on a deployment clasp for my re-edition Monaco. I am very familiar with deployment clasps on bracelets, but have never used one with a strap. I just ordered a new strap and I would like to use a deployment and save it from the normal wear-n-tear of using a traditional buckle. With that said, I have no idea of the pros and cons of a butterfly, Panerai style or single fold deployment? Also don’t know if the type of strap or watch makes a difference, so I will attach a photo of both.
    Thank you again in advance on your personal suggestions of which clasp style you would prefer.
    A5A3AC07-6292-4335-9000-26096A0D1D1A.jpeg C856AA9E-9862-4708-A9ED-3B18F804304C.png