Great Factory Service . . . . replaced movement??

  1. ingraha3

    ingraha3 Aug 12, 2018

    I had slowly lost confidence in my beloved Aquaracer as it starting keeping poor time and had lost the ability to self wind. I sent it back to WatchMaxx as it was within their 2 year warranty. My expectations were not high since I had taken the risk of buying from a gray market dealer. After a month or so I had not heard anything, and when I reached out to WM for a service update they told me they had just sent it off to the Tag Service Center and they apologized for the wait but that it had taken a few weeks to get the warranty card from who they purchased it from.
    Anyways, Tag immediately started sending me very professional e-mail updates regarding the status of the repair.
    Soon after I had my watch back working better then ever. On inspection of the invoice it appears that they replaced the entire movement, do you agree?? "MVT CAL.5 SW 200". GREAT service!
    I'm curious to know your thoughts and experiences.

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  2. TP61

    TP61 Aug 12, 2018

    My first TH was a 2004 Formula One. Sitting in the pub one night and I pulled the bezel off. Tried to put it back on and snapped the circlip/spring that sits behind the bezel. Took it back to Goldsmiths where I'd bought it from, they sent it to LVMH (UK), was expecting a bill for about 25/30 quid. They just replaced the watch. Had about a month left on the warranty. True story.
    Replacement stopped after a week, took it back, got it back after a week, stopped again after a few days. Took it back, one of the woman in the shop said "wasn't bought here" Warranty card was stamped LVMH. Got, I presume, a new battery and worked fine ever since, apart from regular battery changes. Been absolutely hammered over the years IMG_5318.jpg
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