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  1. T1bbs

    T1bbs Apr 21, 2021

    (yes @Albert-AMG I still love my Kingsman modular 45 the most, but I need the fitness capabilities of the Gen 3)

    I am getting impatient waiting for TH to release a black titanium strap to go with the Gen 3. The nearest they have to "dress" straps seem to be the brown leather on rubber or black crocodile, but that has a silver buckle. TH sells a separate black buckle, but looking at my black rubber strap, the buckle looks welded into the strap. I have the black ceramic Gen 3, so a silver buckle looks weird. Which brings me to...

    1. I swear someone posted that they put a third-party strap on their 2020, but I can't find the post (only the ones with people threatening to break the pins to try, but no one seems to have done it) - has anyone actually replaced the pins?

    2. Has anyone bought one of the TH straps and replaced the buckle? TH has a video showing how to replace the strap, but no video on replacing the buckle...
  2. curtfrommelt

    curtfrommelt Apr 21, 2021

    I tried to put a Gen3 buckle on a Gen2 strap. Won’t fit without cutting the strap a mm down. so I have a brand new (open box) black Gen3 buckle if you’re in the US.
    I thought the buckles on the Gen3 straps were held on with Spring Pins like a normal watch?
  3. Albert-AMG

    Albert-AMG Apr 21, 2021

    @T1bbs , you could pair a bluetooth heart-rate monitor to your Kingsman ::love:: Modular 45, so you don’t need the Gen3 ;)

    I certainly don't understand that a year after Gen3 was released, a black titanium bracelet to match your version is still not available, when it existed from the beginning for Gen2 Modular...

    Point 1: if you want to install non-original straps on the Gen3, then you have to break the fixed pins, and replace them with spring bars. @TAG GUY did it, just check this post:

    Point 2: you should be able to change the silver (steel) buckle for the black titanium buckle, using a proper tool. They are attached to the strap just with spring bars.