1. MLeWright

    MLeWright Mar 27, 2019

    Hello, everyone. I’ve got a circa 2001(ish) 2000 Professional classic quartz which I’ve had from new. Some years ago it was dropped and it quit working. I finally put a replacement movement into it and got it going again. I’m not an expert by any means but I do have some experience fettling with mechanical watches. (I also have the blessed luxury of living 15 minutes from Otto Frei). I’d like to replace the seals but am wondering how often it’s necessary to replace the crystal gasket and if anyone has any advice on that. I’ve got a (cheapo) crystal press that I’ve used to replace broken crystals, but have never removed a serviceable one with the intent of putting it back in. Any thoughts or advice would by greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mark. 5B6C6B65-2557-4A5C-B117-D815E46A77A3.jpeg Hey