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FS TAG Heuer Professional 1000 Series in Blue, 200m WR - 38mm Diver

  1. kip595

    kip595 Oct 15, 2020

    Hey guys,

    Somehow I remembered to post this on OF, but not here where it's probably more suited, heh. Anyway:

    Recently acquired late 1980s early 1990s TAG Heuer Professional, the blue on blue stainless steel model with 38mm size - small enough to be 'old-school', large enough to be easily legible.

    This came to me from an estate jeweler and has been both serviced and pressure tested - I will be looking for the service docs at my office this week, but it is verifiable.

    Evenly aged, very well preserved bezel, good-very good case IMO, but I'll let the photos be your guide (in some images however if the crystal appears to have a line, it's dust - took these outside today - if anyone wants further images I'll be happy to oblige, with ONE exception: since this did come from a reputable jeweler and has been pressure tested, I have not taken the caseback off and would prefer not to do so. It is the standard quartz movement however, and the seconds hand matches the track almost perfectly beat-to-beat.

    SOLD 10/20/2020 - Thanks to all for looking!

    Let me know if you have any questions or inquiries - looking for a straight sale preferred on this one; as always I will hear all offers but would prefer to remain fairly firm on this one, at least for now. No harm in reaching out if you'd like to - now on to the pics!

    DSC00149.JPG DSC00150.JPG DSC00151.JPG DSC00152.JPG DSC00155.JPG
    DSC00156.JPG DSC00157.JPG
    Edited Oct 20, 2020
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