FS: HLD endlinks in excellent condition

  1. southtexas

    southtexas Dec 26, 2018

    Hello up for sale is a pair of HLD endlinks in excellent condition.

    Price is $700 shipped USA. PayPal ok but buyer pays fees please; otherwise bank transfer, Venmo, or Zelle. International shipping at cost via your choice of carrier and method.

    No refunds please— what you see is what you get. I am a long time member and buyer/seller on Rolex Forum (southtexas), Vintage Rolex Forum (southtexas111), and eBay (southtexas111). I have plenty of references if needed. The Rolex Forum has a buyer/seller who’s who forum where you can find several pages of reference material on me.

    I can be reached here via PM, or email: ccrolex at hotmail dot com
    For fastest response, Cell/text/whatsapp +1 361-813-517seven

    Thanks for looking.

    FD1E0D74-53EE-43E2-9240-F3B2BF47FF71.jpeg 128B1BBF-093D-4F56-B83F-5BED6CD5E1AA.jpeg 7FC5DC0F-60C4-47C6-8E5F-C2AC5793DE11.jpeg 1D044643-671A-4326-922F-D5BADCD5D985.jpeg 6667F763-6650-4C7A-A83B-089D2650D31D.jpeg