FS: Heuer Incabloc Telemetre Racing Prototype Chronograph Ref. 905

  1. SteveHarris

    SteveHarris Mar 12, 2019

    A bit of an is it, isn't it authentic Heuer. I picked this up as an investment as I believe it is authentic and was hoping it would be found in some archives somewhere at some point. I'd like to move it on as I have my eye on something else and could do with the cash. A speculative punt for someone. A bit of info on them here: https://forums.calibre11.com/threads/unknown-model-or.19199/

    Running well and keeping excellent time. Small crack on the glass at around 7 o'clock but not very noticeable on the wrist. Dial is in wonderful condition and looks lovely.

    I paid £900, would like the same.

    Includes postage RMSD within UK, can send elsewhere and happy to discuss.


    IMG_20180807_120029.jpg IMG_20181127_185835.jpg IMG_20181127_185842.jpg IMG_20181127_185851.jpg IMG_20181127_185913.jpg IMG_20181127_185927.jpg
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