FS: Heuer Autavia 11630 MH - Superb Condition

  1. SteveHarris

    SteveHarris Jul 8, 2019

    I picked this up last year and unfortunately (for me) need to move it on.

    Absolutely lovely condition and previous owner had it regulated, oiled & checked whilst in his possession. Running very well still. Serial would pin it to late 70's and is all original condition with crisp case, bezel, dial and hands. I think you would be hard pressed to find a similar one in such good condition unless it was NOS. Bezels on these tend to be very worn, so it's unusual to see one looking so good.

    The dial looks lighter than it actually is as I've taken this in a strong light but there are a couple of wrist shots in the pics below..

    Being super picky on this, the bezel has a tiny ding at the 40 mark which is difficult to get it to show up in pictures. You can see it in one of the wrist shots. Also (and again being very picky) the crystal looks a little smoky in some lights and could probably do with a clean by someone who knows what they're doing. Minor points but worth mentioning.

    Price has moved on these a little but offering it here for the same price I picked it up for at GBP3,500 including insured shipping within the EU. Happy to discuss options outside of the EU. Payment via bank transfer please.

    I have lots of positive feedback, some on the OF but most over at TZ-UK.

    Any questions, just shout.



    11630mh1.jpg 11630mh2.jpg 11630mh3.jpg 11630mh4.jpg 11630mh5.jpg 11630mh6.jpg 11630mh7.jpg 11630mh8.jpg 11630mh9.jpg