1. SteveHarris

    SteveHarris May 23, 2019

    Superb condition and I'll probably regret letting this go. Quite hard to take photos that really show this off. Colours are brilliant, bezel, dial and case are all in excellent condition and I haven't really seen one in this good and original condition being sold for quite a while.

    Movement is Cal 14 and was serviced in 2017. Running great, great power reserve, resets the minute counter and snaps it back to "12" crisply. Bezel has some very minor marks to it but I can't see any marks anywhere else.

    Comes on a non-GF BoR which is basically new as I haven't worn the watch too much since purchasing it.

    Looking for £6,750 (GBP) by BT and would really prefer a F2F in and around the London area or can travel within a reasonable distance. If not, I can sort out posting by RMSD in UK. I'll also be in Las Vegas at the end of the month for any US buyers.

    I purchased this from Peter Moller last year and the original listing is here with some great photos: http://chronocentric.com/forums/chronotrader/index.cgi?page=1;md=read;id=95517

    Looking at other listings and recent sales, I think this is well priced.


    IMG_20190509_192414.jpg IMG_20190509_192429.jpg IMG_20190509_192459.jpg IMG_20190509_192508.jpg IMG_20190509_192539.jpg IMG_20190509_192602.jpg 5eWwueL.jpg IMG_20181119_154512.jpg IMG_20190414_135408.jpg IMG_20190414_204456.jpg
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