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FS - Aquaracer WAN2110.BA0822

  1. HandsomeMike

    HandsomeMike Sep 9, 2021

    Hey folks! Selling my Aquaracer with boxes and papers. I have a new watch that I wear the majority of the time and the proceeds from this can go into my race car that my wife believes I spend too much on. I know, right? The watch works perfectly and has some desk rash on the clasp to be buffed out. I think I have a great representation of the condition of the watch from the pictures. Please let me know what questions you have. Asking $1,500 shipped in the US. I haven’t sold internationally before so I’d have to figure up the full shipped price if you’re interested. I am in the Nashville, TN area and can meet a buyer in person. 0D6AC9E8-E1A5-4128-B9C4-62EB34E59190.jpeg FFA07B3F-0834-4EB8-B753-311F8E2DC7DD.jpeg E481AE96-3474-43E4-B9FC-82F7C05002D5.jpeg 27F3E5E5-2631-4148-825E-A36517F607EC.jpeg D8B1A1E1-1926-4F10-9A37-283B793B1FBA.jpeg 6A74FBD2-AC5A-400E-A8F5-ED3DC2AA5E77.jpeg 2AF59742-2E57-46CB-B862-A9F8BE44BB9E.jpeg 62B2FA54-58F6-4550-A952-F0A50281DA9A.jpeg 6B30BA46-5C5D-482A-9B73-0C00059FDADA.jpeg BD896813-D317-4608-AE4D-B6E176B7FB4B.jpeg B2693FD4-38C3-4D4D-939F-675FB539DD13.jpeg