1. Lloydo

    Lloydo Jun 11, 2019

    D7D74946-9E2E-44B4-9242-818A9F705D8A.jpeg D694BDD3-DB3D-4901-8150-74B93ECDA15A.jpeg C782D4AF-381A-49C8-8D22-467C88892D07.jpeg ED7CE9C1-E651-4AD9-9902-F72D4A9CFDE1.jpeg AA4E8B12-07BE-406A-BB36-322D0FC605CB.jpeg 242FBAAC-5272-4EE5-B6B2-D9C1C139E6BC.jpeg 499010D6-183C-4B71-9DCC-07F8177209C8.jpeg D7D74946-9E2E-44B4-9242-818A9F705D8A.jpeg Watch listed for sale as per title; Black Phantom limited edition-retail $26k new.

    Watch is in immaculate condition; completely unmarked. Watch is not getting enough wear to justify sitting in my collection.

    Comes with all original paperwork and packaging; purchased from authorised Tag dealer in Perth WA.

    Significant saving from new for this extremely rare watch-very few examples of this watch in Australia.

    Only genuine interested parties please; no time wasters or scammers please. D7D74946-9E2E-44B4-9242-818A9F705D8A.jpeg
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