Fabric / Canvas straps for our Monacos (?)

  1. paysdoufs

    paysdoufs Aug 8, 2020

    I like fabric / canvas straps - their sporty look, the color they can bring to the table, and the fact that they age well even if worn during summertime.

    I like them so much that it frustrates me that I cannot find such straps in 22mm plus a 2mm or 3mm height compatible with TH folding clasps. So I was excited to see that WatchStrapWorld in the UK (which most on this board probably know) now had two 21.5mm fabric straps on offer, albeit for the Aquaracer line: https://www.watchstrapworld.com/watch-straps/tag-heuer/aquaracer.html

    Thrilled by the prospect that WSW might extend this new line of straps to the Monaco (because of curved band ends vs. straight ones), I have had an email discussion with WSW's owner, Alan, who told me that he did not plan to do so because the customer response to his fabric offering for the Aquaracer had been somewhat underwhelming :(

    This made me wonder whether the AR crow might not be relatively different from the Monaco (of Carrera) crowd as regards spending money on replacement straps... So, Monaco (& Carrera) owners: Please share your thoughts on whether you would line up to buy a TH clasp-compatible fabric strap in the 50 GBP price range? After all, that would make one's Monaco unique at a price still way below that of original TH replacement straps ;)
  2. abrod520

    abrod520 Aug 8, 2020

    I think your best bet here is to go custom. Might not be quite so cheap as 50 gbp but I think you'd end up pretty happy.

    Gunny Straps and Aaron Bespoke (Combat straps) are two places who do quite a bit of canvas & fabric work.