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  1. Wastelanderuk

    Wastelanderuk Aug 21, 2016

    Sadly I've pretty much fallen out of love with my Connected...but have fallen in love with watches. So - looking to move this along and re-invest the cash into more traditional watches. No trades.

    16 months of warranty remaining, asking £850, UK post & packing free. Boxed, papers and original purchase receipt.

    Excellent condition apart from 1 nick in the bottom left hand lug - very recent as I only noticed it today. There are also some extremely faint marks on the clasp which the camera does not pick up very well.

    The crystal screen is completely perfect, updated to the latest version of Android Wear and is shipped unregistered on the tagconnected web page.

    Thanks for looking,

    160105 - TAG -  029.jpg IMG_5606.jpg IMG_5607.jpg IMG_5608.jpg IMG_5609.jpg IMG_5610.jpg IMG_5611.jpg IMG_5614.jpg IMG_5615.jpg IMG_5616.jpg IMG_5617.jpg IMG_5618.jpg IMG_5619.jpg IMG_5623.jpg IMG_5624.jpg IMG_5620.jpg IMG_5622.jpg
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