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  1. Aquagraph

    Aquagraph Apr 22, 2020

    So here's a thought that just popped into my head... say you were the owner of a WAW1315.FC6217 Monaco, which has a 'python' strap. And presuming you live in California or one of the other places that are banning the sale of straps made of 'exotic' animal skin. Presumably you won't be able to get a replacement for the strap when it eventually falls apart or starts looking shoddy... do you just have to accept that you'll have to put it on a brown strap or is there some way of getting around this? Leaving aside the rights and wrongs of using these animal skins, if you put this watch on a plain strap it's not going to look that great all of a sudden... and it's unlikely that TAG Heuer will be making a 'python' print equivalent.