Early Heuer automatic with AS movement

  1. logic24

    logic24 May 15, 2019

    I'm gradually disposing of 40+ years of what could be described as a collection - but would probably be more accurately called an accumulation. This is the only Heuer I have ever owned. It contains an AS movement which could be one of any of a number of cals from the 40s/50s. It's in what I think is probably completely original condition (one can seldom be sure about crowns) and, even without any intervention, runs pretty accurately. The amplitude is only about 200 deg but overall the figures are reasonable in all positions. Looking around I don't see many of these (ie any) appearing on the market so I'd imagine it will be of interest to collectors. From which the obvious question arises.
    Any constructive comments will be appreciated. A few quick snaps attached.
    P5140072.JPG P5140073.JPG P5140074.JPG P5140075.JPG P5140076.JPG