1. jagrieff

    jagrieff Aug 2, 2019

    I recently purchased a Heuer Rose Watch Company Sphygmometer pocket chronograph and found that there is plenty of information online about this one early Heuer. At the same time I picked up a National Park pocket chrono and, in an attempt to identify the movement, found that it appears to also be a Heuer movement. I've attached pictures of the watch and the movement. The Sphygmometer movement is clearly marked with the rose trademark but there are no markings on the National Park other than "Swiss" and"16". Does everyone assume that this is a Heuer movement just because it has an oscillating pinion or are there any references available clearly showing the Heuer chrono movements of this period? National Park was a brand name used by Gallet - are there any references to Heuer selling movements to Gallet? As far as I can tell, the information on Heuer products before 1920 seems to almost non-existent. Can anyone help point me in the right direction? Thanks. IMG_1580.jpg IMG_1583.jpg