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Do NOT Buy from SilkRoadEmporium on ebay for vintage Heuer parts

  1. whats_shakin

    whats_shakin Dec 8, 2020

    Just wanted to post here...SilkRoadEmporium on ebay has many vintage parts listed for sale, including replacement crystals and movement parts for multiple vintage Heuer models.

    I purchased a 2446C crystal from the seller, and it did not end up fitting (it was ~0.2mm smaller than the original, the tension ring did not fit it at all). I reached out to the seller asking to return the (unused, never mounted) crystal and the seller never responded. It was ~3 months after purchase (it was being serviced, and stupidly didn't attempt to fit the crystal until after the movement was overhauled) so I couldn't initiate a dispute/return via ebay.

    I opened a dispute via Paypal, and said I would be happy to pay for return postage since the item is still new. The seller responded via Paypal that since it was so long since purchase, they would not take it back, and Paypal closed the dispute in the seller's favor since I had never returned the crystal (but I never got a return address, it isn't available via the ebay order system, and when I asked the seller for his return address, they refused to provide it).

    Do NOT buy from this seller!
    Edited Dec 8, 2020
  2. SteveP

    SteveP Dec 11, 2020

    Sorry to hear about your experience and thanks for the heads up. I hadn't heard of this seller before so assume it's a relatively new outfit...for alleged Heuer parts anyway! :cautious: